a sisterhood of Winnipeg lady bosses who learn together, grow together, and kick ass in business.

I launched this sisterhood of Winnipeg lady bosses out of a hunger for connecting with local women wanting to crush it in business. Since I was a kid I was always the type of person to join all the things – cheerleading, band, student council, yearbook committee – you name it, I was in it. My passion for community followed me into adulthood and I decided it was time to combine it with my passion for female entrepreneurship and thus, Hustle + Charm was born. I’m also the owner of Strategic Charm Boutique, a marketing and public relations agency where I help lady bosses across the globe build and maintain their online presence through blog writing, email campaigns, and especially social media with a large emphasis on Instagram.

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When I moved back home to Winnipeg in the fall of 2016, I was on the hunt for an entrepreneur-based group I could become apart of. I wanted a space where I could connect with other likeminded women, gain tools and knowledge for growing a successful business, and expand my local network. I was like goldilocks – bouncing between lunches, forums, and other networking events, trying to find an organization that was juuuuust right. But nothing felt like the right fit. Sure, I could’ve molded myself into someone who would fit the bill of these groups, but I really just wanted to be my bold, often confused, sometimes rowdy self while getting the business support I desperately craved.
So I took that boldness I wasn’t willing to let go of, and started Hustle + Charm – a sisterhood of Winnipeg lady bosses who come together to share ideas, collaborate, gain and strengthen business skills, seek and offer support, push one another further in along in our entrepreneurial journeys, and have a shit ton of fun in the process.

Look forward with us...

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