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Workshop: 2019 Content Planning for the Gram

  • Temple 23 Suite 500, 62 Albert Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1E9 Canada (map)

2019 is upon us and there's planning to be done to get your business in order for the year. Planning ahead can make all the difference when it comes the success of your business. It’s what helps you set goals, a timeline to achieve them, and action steps to ACTUALLY get. Shit. Done! And you know what’s going to help support all of those goals you’ve set for the year? Planning all (yes, ALL!) of your Instagram content for 2019.

“But Charmaine, I’m already finding it difficult to come up with content for all of this week, never mind all of this year. Are you crazy, woman?”

Yes. Yes I am. And it’s the crazy ones that get things done, so let me spill a little of that crazy onto you, boss lady!

During this Content Planning Workshop, you’re going to:

Decide on all of your offerings for this year (products, services, events, courses, etc.)
Narrow down your ideal client or customer for everything you offer (yes, these can vary)
Set goals for how many of these offerings you want to book or sell each month
Outline other goals for your life and business in 2019
Brainstorm promotions, giveaways, and campaigns you’d like to run to support those goals
Choose weekly or monthly themes you’d like to incorporate into your content (feed, stories, and lives)
List all of the holidays that are important to you and your audience (even made up ones like National Doughnut Day)
Determine what showcasing your personal brand means to you and make a plan for showcasing it consistently on the ‘gram
Discover different apps and online resources to help support your ‘gram life

Sounds a little intimidating I know, but I’ll be there to help you through it, boss lady.

Doors open at 2:30. The workshop will begin at promptly at 3:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be provided.

Now let’s get to planning!

Click in the link below to register.

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