Hi! I’m the Founder and CEO of the Hustle + Charm Community. I launched this sisterhood of Winnipeg lady bosses in May of 2017, out of a hunger for connecting with local women wanting the crush it in business. Since I was a kid I was always the type of person to join all the things – cheerleading, band, student council, yearbook committee – you name it, I was in it. My passion for community followed me into adulthood and I decided it was time to combine it with my passion for female entrepreneurship and thus, Hustle + Charm was born. I’m also the owner of Strategic Charm Boutique, a marketing and public relations agency where I help lady bosses across the globe build and maintain their online presence through blog writing, email campaigns, and especially social media with a large emphasis on Instagram. When I don’t have my lady boss hat on, you can find me travelling with my girlfriends, exploring the hidden gems Manitoba has to offer, or making a pitcher of sangria because…well who doesn’t love sangria?


Karina recognized the need for empowering youth reached beyond the scope of working in her daytime role within River East Transcona School Division. With creating Rising Strong, her goal is to continue to give youth the positive influences and tools needed to unleash their full potential to become future successors in our communities through interactive workshops that build confidence and foster self-esteem. Low self-esteem is a global issue. With confidence developing during adolescence, Karina believes it is during these crucial years that youth are given all of the tools to deal with the insecurities brought on by our social media driven world. Rising Strong aims to create a safe space for participants to feel comfortable and genuine while participating in discussions, activities, crafts and take home materials. Workshops can be modified to any age group; youth, educators or parents.


Brooke is a Personal Trainer + Registered Holistic Nutritionist with several years experience in the industry and an endless supply of passion! She’s also the owner and creator of My Body Fitness + Nutrition, Winnipeg’s only body positive health and wellness company providing custom fitness and holistic nutrition programs for all individuals. She is also opening a commercial location of My Body, the first ever BODY POSITIVE group fitness gym! This space will have 30 minute group fitness classes six days a week that are accessible to all fitness levels and bodies, as well as a nutritional consulting for 1 on 1 monthly consultations. All of this and more is coming Fall 2018! Brooke believes that body positivity and body health are interconnected and she created My Body to bring body positivity to the health and fitness world.

Manny Saini

My name is Manny Saini and I am the author, Dr. Manny behind the blog, Chiro By Day. I am a Chiropractor currently practicing in the East Kildonan area since 2017. I am very passionate about health and wellness and helping patients live their best lives. The blog covers content on various topics such as; chiropractic, recipes, community connections and lifestyle. My patients pushed me to start a blog and they’re my inspiration behind some of the topics I choose to talk about each month. Outside of practice, I am involved with a few local volunteer organizations helping with anything from humanitarian work to animal rescues. I love meeting new people and supporting local businesses while helping each other grow, which is why I love the Hustle & Charm Community so much. The amount of support I have received within this community always leaves me feeling so grateful and blessed.

Dana Graham

I’m a Real Estate Matchmaker helping Winnipeggers find their dream homes! I specialize in non-judgemental, no B.S. home sales and purchasing. Born and raised in Manitoba, I have an absolute LOVE for Winnipeg and all it has to offer!

Katherine Magne

Katherine is a sewing enthusiast and has been making clothes for over a decade. Three years ago she stopped buying clothes for her family of six and now follows a slow fashion lifestyle. Her passion is Winnipeg Sews, which runs small-scale sewing classes to help all people start to look at their closet and body through a lens of radical self-love.

Amber Magus

Hi! I’m Amber, the owner of Naked Skincare & Apothecary. I spend my days curating a line of plant powered skincare that’s stripped down to the bare essentials, helping you to elevate your natural glow and find the confidence to embrace a naked face. If I’m not in my studio, you can find me spending time with my husband, family or friends, probably drinking a glass of wine, while living slow under the prairie skies.

saloni dania

Hi everyone! My name is Saloni Dania, I’m a social media influencer and YouTube vlogger. I was born and raised in India and moved to Canada when I was 16. How did I start YouTube? I was only watching for six months, then one day I sat down, did my makeup, and made my first YouTube video with my iPad! It was a good way for me to deal with the low self-confidence I was feeling at that time in my life. Putting myself out there in front of other people had never been an issue for me but I was going through a rough phase - I wanted to show myself that I still had confidence left in me. I share videos of my trying new beauty and skincare trends, lifehacks, and daily vlogs on my channel.


Hi! I’m Chantelle, the yogi + creator of Compose Yoga and designer + owner of Clear Quartz Creative. (I like to think I’ve created the perfect mix of movement time and desk work between both my businesses.) At Compose Yoga, I craft yoga experiences that incorporate aromatherapy, crystals, and custom playlists to encourage women to connect to each other as well as to their inner selves. Meanwhile, at Clear Quartz Creative, I joyfully create high-vibe websites for radiant female entrepreneurs who want to reclaim their time and invest their energy back into their craft. Making beautiful web design accessible to small business budgets is my jam! I'm passionate about designing sites that wow my clients and my clients’ clients - and really, I’m thrilled I get to make things pretty like it’s my job. The ways to my heart are coffee, fireworks, cotton candy and winding walks through new neighbourhoods.


Hi! My name is Abiola and I am a Confidence Coach. I help people attract more money, love and confidence by changing their stories from “No, I can't” to “Yes, I CAN”. Growing up, I experienced firsthand what it felt like to be told that your voice didn’t matter. I lived in everyone’s shadow and did everything I was told to do just because other people we’re doing it. I felt out of place following the status quo and constantly questioned why I couldn’t be like everyone. I thought my difference was abnormal and I hated that part of me. I literally spent the better part of my years numbing it down. This led me to living with low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, and a sense of unworthiness. Then I became a mother at the age of 20, a single mother at the age of 23, and then went through a series of toxic relationships that led me nowhere. After living in constant pain, I knew my choices were ruining me and I had to do better. I went from confusion to conviction and quickly realized that I had the answer I was looking for. I made a promise to God that if he saved me, I will spend the rest of my life serving other people who need to know that they can be more than what they are settling for. God is not done with you and you have a lot to give. Your story is your strength and I believe in you!


Meagan Funk started dancing when she was only five years old and has worked as a professional dancer for the past 12 years. She’s worked for Carnival Cruise Lines (a children’s theatre company), and at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls as a dancer/magician’s assistant, where she would get cut in half and turned into tigers! Meagan moved back to Winnipeg in 2014 to open her two dance companies, Prairie Diva and M. Funk Dance Productions. Prairie Diva specializes in adult burlesque fusion dance classes for all ages and levels, and M. Funk Dance Productions is a group of professional dancers that perform at events throughout the city. Prairie Diva started with the goal of inspiring others and building confidence through the art of seduction and dance, while M. Funk Dance Productions was born because Meagan saw space in the Winnipeg market for a troupe of high-level dancers.

Nicole Homeniuk

Hi I'm Nicole and I'm passionate about health and wellness. I've been building my best life and want to help you achieve yours! I am currently changing the world two feet at a time with amazing wearable technology from VoxxLife. VoxxLife’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, reduces pain, increases strength and endurance, increases stability and balance as well enhances range of motion and provides for faster reaction times. I also have a passion for food and know firsthand how what we eat affects our body. I am currently studying holistic nutrition and look forward to sharing this knowledge.

Carly Koop

Hi, I’m Carly of The Light Refinery. I help female entrepreneurs say hello to their dream clients with photos, ideas, and guidance as you learn how to best connect with your dream client. Personal branding photo sessions, coffee or ice cream dates and creating one of a kind UNboring stock photos to help you take your business to another level. Your success? Is mine too!


A small town girl at heart, I love helping people and making personal connections. My life is all about balance: day-by-day I perform calculations in the insurance industry and by night I put on my creative hat as a paper florist. I fell into this business by making paper flowers for my own wedding, then I started offering this skill as a way to help brides have a beautiful day on a budget, and now it’s growing and turning into something more. I believe everyone should have affordable options for beautiful décor. When I’m not working or crafting, you can find me playing video games, watching anime, or trying to re-learn French.

reanna khan

Reanna started, a lifestyle & travel blog dedicated to her love of the Caribbean, in 2016. She went on to accept the award for “Oh my word, I blogged- Canada” for the best Caribbean travel blog posting in 2017 from the Caribbean Tourism Organization. Reanna is currently based in the frigid depths of Winnipeg, Canada. To deal with the harsh winters, she has travelled to over 15 countries over the past 10 years. While documenting her travels, Reanna hopes to spread the authenticity and stories of each destination. She continues to stay motivated to diluting digital media with the vibrancy of her Caribbean roots and the diversity of her skin.

Megan Ferguson

My name is Megan Ferguson and I own Meggy Reiki, which offers reiki treatments both in person and by distance to individuals in need of healing, particularly energy healing. I also am a Registered Social Worker and currently completing my Masters of Social Work degree in Leadership with University of Calgary, by distance. I am very excited to join Hustle and Charm, to connect with other lady bosses that are inspiring, empowering and driven, as well as, grow and expand my business in terms of the services I offer, as well as clientele I serve.

Emily Parkes

Emily Parkes is the Owner and Creator of Fifty 5 Fitness. Drawing on her background and expertise in activity and aging, she has created a workout space & community, exclusively for women ages 55+. A fitness facility where no woman feels intimidated, overwhelmed or out of place. Her goal is to have each client come out of class feeling happy, healthy and confident! Ever since she opened Fifty 5 Fitness in July 2017, she gets asked the question, “Why ladies 55+? Why don’t you work with women your own age?” Fifty 5 Fitness came about from her push to get her own parents moving! She wanted to educate them on the importance of exercise and healthy eating. Helping them learn proper exercise technique so they could workout safely, and maintain their health and well being.