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Non-Traditional Networking

How many times have you left a networking event with a bunch of business cards at the bottom of your purse but no real connection? You barely remember who you talked to do, and you definitely didn’t leave feeling like you just made 10 new friends. Traditional networking always seemed very impersonal and temporary to us. Which is why we created the Hustle + Charm Community! We want you to leave our events feeling like you made genuine connections with people who can be beneficial to your business, and your life. This week we are discussing why non-traditional networking is the!

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Adult Friendships

Building new friendships can also be hard as a solo entrepreneur, especially if you work from home. You don’t have the type of job where you go to the office every day and mix and mingle with co-workers near your desk or in the break room. You have to make the extra effort of leaving your home office and seeking people to interact with.

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